Georgia Common Core

We have learned that our new state senator, Dr. Dean Burke, has been assigned to the Education Committee. Dr. Burke is at least familiar with Common Core Curriculum although to what extent we are not sure.

At our January meeting, we covered this issue and its potential problems as well as the fact that its passage changes the level of input from parents, teachers, and local school boards. After that meeting, we emailed to you a somewhat lengthy detail about CCC.

The below link will serve as an abstract to the previous information. Most important is the video of former Texas State School Superintendent, Robert Scott, who reviewed CCC for his state, and he discusses with Georgia senators his concerns of costs, testing, the curriculum itself, and teacher evaluation in the short video.

We encourage you to contact Senator Burke at 404-656-0040, and let him know that you would like to see passage of SB 167. This bill, which is sponsored by State Senator William Ligon, will withdraw Georgia from Common Core.