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Wise Olde Pine
Quail Hunting Plantation

Welcome to Wise Olde Pine, where we provide the ultimate hunting environment with a laid back attitude.  This is the porch of the Lodge House.  It faces West, so you can watch the sun go down while supper is being prepared, after a great day of hunting.

And here's the view from the porch.
We believe that your hunting experience should be relaxing as well as fulfilling.  We don't operate on rigid schedules.  You call the shots, and everything but gun safety is negotiable.
This is the guest house.  It's actually 3 different 150 year old log cabins, moved to the site and provided with modern facilities like central heat and air and 2 1/2 baths.  It still has a great rock fireplace tho, to create a true hunting atmosphere.
Mickey and Connie Wise are the Owner-Operators of Wise Olde Pine.  Mickey has been hunting in Southwest Georgia since he was old enough to carry a gun, and Connie is known in these parts as a Country Gourmet cook.  Managing 3000 acres of prime hunting land is more than a full time job.
The Dining Room in the Lodge house, where you will sample some of that fine Country Gourmet food.
590 Three Bridges Road, Americus, GA 31709
(229) 846-5491
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My 60th birthday and all of my closest friends came and spent about 3 days with Connie and me.  Best birthday ever!!!