Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, Redux

by Tony Blankley
We are now beginning to enter the Kansas-Nebraska Act stage of the socialist crisis of the Republic. At our constitutional founding, the evil of slavery had been crudely evaded. In 1820, the Missouri Compromise was enacted that prohibited the abomination north of 36/30 degrees latitude (about the middle of Missouri).

But with the western push of the frontier, a new compromise was needed. So the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 decreed that the “popular sovereignty” of each territory should decide whether they would be slave or free states. But then, adherents of both the abomination and freedom migrated to Kansas to struggle — with their bodily presence — for their respective causes. First there was politics.

Then the political rhetoric turned violent. Then real violence ensued. Kansas became known as Bleeding Kansas.

John Brown, most famously, applied unjustified, murderous violence for his righteous cause of ending slavery and was hanged, but the Civil War ensued because, as Lincoln sagely explained:

“A House divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure; permanently half slave and half free.

I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided.

It will become all one thing or all the other.

Either the opponents of slavery, will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.”

Now we enter our History’s second stage in the struggle against the abomination of socialism. Just as slavery had been contained in the South, so entitlement socialism has, until this week, been more or less contained in service to only the poor and the elderly — and even in those programs (for the elderly) on the principle of beneficiaries paying monthly premiums for the benefits they will later get (Medicare/ Social Security). Only the poor under Medicaid received benefit without premium payment.

But now, just as the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 broke through the slave state limitation to the South, the Democratic Party’s 2010 health care law has broken socialism’s boundary of being so limited. Now, the chains of socialism are to be clamped on to the able-bodied middle class — not merely the already presumed helpless poor and old who have paid their insurance premiums.

Even the New York Times — after the vote — admits what the bigger goal has been all along. In Wednesday’s edition (“In Health Care Bill, Obama Attacks Wealth Inequality” by David Leonhardt), they point out: “Beyond the health reform’s effect on the medical system, it is the centerpiece of his deliberate effort to end what historians have called the age of Reagan. … Speaking to an ebullient audience of Democratic legislators and White House aides at the bill-signing ceremony on Tuesday, Mr. Obama claimed that health reform would ‘mark a new season in America.’…. Above all, the central question that both the Reagan and Obama administrations have tried to answer — what is the proper balance between the market and the government? — remains unresolved. But the bill signed on Tuesday certainly shifts our place on that spectrum.”

I thank The New York Times for that honest statement of historic fact.

For example, the new law takes away from insurance companies the right to charge for insurance based on actuarial risk — which is the essence of insurance. Now they will charge what the politicians tell them to charge — and pay such benefits as the politicians order them to pay. They may, for a while, make money, but that will be at the sufferance of the politicians. One may call this mere regulation, but it is regulation to such a degree that it constitutes effective ownership of the insurance company.

The former equity holders in such companies are now merely nominal owners. Also, the new law provides for taxes on investment income to pay for socialized health care, sucking out the lifeblood of our economy to the deathbeds of the destitute.

When these intrusions are combined with 1) the nationalization of GM and Chrysler, 2) the partial nationalization of the banks, 3) the establishment of trillion-dollar taxpayer-funded slush funds (stimulus package and TARP) and 4) the planned 10-year, $10 trillion of further government debt (which steals from our children and grandchildren dollars yet unmade by them to pay foreign debt holders), the center of gravity of our economy moves from the private sector to the public sector.

And just as the free states could not tolerate the spread of slavery into their midst, so, too, free middle-class America — if it still has its historic character — will not tolerate the yoke of socialism put upon our necks.

First, the unambiguous will of the majority has been defied by the vote of Congress last Sunday.

Come November, we shall see whether the system can still turn the popular will into the constitutionally permissible legislative will of the majority. If it can, all will be well and the crisis will end. Rallying the vote between now and November is roughly equivalent to the early stage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act period — people started migrating to Kansas to support their convictions.

But come November, if the majority still opposes the socializing of health care delivery and the other central government intrusions, and yet the corrupt bargains and constitutional distortions of Washington deny that will its just expression — then, for the second time in our history, we enter that dangerous period where the House resolves its temporary division. Let us devoutly pray –and commit to ourselves — that this time freedom shall be reacquired … peaceably.

from Tony Blankley, Townhall.com

Does this Stimulate you?

Hannity’s 102 worst ways the government is spending your tax dollars:
Grand Total: $4,891,645,229

102: Protecting a Michigan insect collection from other insects ($187,632)

101: Highway beautified by fish art in Washington ($10,000)

100: University studying hookup behavior of female college coeds in New York ($219,000)

99: Police department getting 92 blackberries for supervisors in Rhode Island ($95,000)

98: Upgrades to seldom-used river cruise boat in Oklahoma ($1.8 million)

97: Precast concrete toilet buildings for Mark Twain National Forest in Montana ($462,000)

96: University studying whether mice become disoriented when they consume alcohol in Florida ($8,408)

95: Foreign bus wheel polishers for California ($259,000)

94: Recovering crab pots lost at sea in Oregon ($700,000)

93: Developing a program to develop “machine-generated humor” in Illinois ($712,883)

92: Colorado museum where stimulus was signed (and already has $90 million in the bank) gets geothermal stimulus grant ($2.6 million)

91: Grant to the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance to support the traditional arts apprenticeship program, gathering and festival ($30,000)

90: Studying methamphetamines and the female rat sex drive in Maryland ($30,000)

89: Studying mating decisions of cactus bugs in Florida ($325,394)

88: Studying why deleting a gene can create sex reversal in people, but not in mice in Minnesota ($190,000)

87: College hires director for a project on genetic control of sensory hair cell membrane channels in zebrafish in California ($327,337)

86: New jumbo recycling bins with microchips embedded inside to track participation in Ohio ($500,000)

85: Oregon Federal Building’s “green” renovation at nearly the price of a brand new building ($133 million)

84: Massachusetts middle school getting money to build a solar array on its roof ($150,000)

83: Road widening that could have been millions of dollars cheaper if Lousiana hadn’t opted to replace a bridge that may not have needed replacing ($60 million)

82: Cleanup effort of a Washington nuclear waste site that already got $12 billion from the DOE ($1.9 billion)

81: Six woodlands water taxis getting a new home in Texas ($750,000)

80: Maryland group gets money to develop “real life” stories that underscore job and infrastructure-related research findings ($363,760)

79: Studying social networks like Facebook in North Carolina ($498,000)

78:18 North Carolina teacher coaches to heighten math and reading performance ($4.4 million)

77: Retrofitting light switches with motion sensors for one company in Arizona ($800,000)

76: Removing graffiti along 100 miles of flood-control ditches in California ($837,000)

75: Bicycle lanes, shared lane signs and bike racks in Pennsylvania ($105,000)

74: Privately-owned steakhouse rehabilitating its restaurant space in Missouri ($75,000)

73: National dinner cruise boat company in Illinois outfitting vessels with surveillance systems to protect against terrorists ($1 million)

72: Producing and transporting peanuts and peanut butter in North Carolina ($900,000)

71: Refurnishing and delivering picnic tables in Iowa ($30,000)

70: Digital television converter box coupon program in D.C. ($650 million)

69: Elevating and relocating 3,000 feet of track for the Napa Valley Wine Train in California ($54 million)

68: Hosting events for Earth Day, the summer solstice etc. in Minnesota ($50,000)

67: Expanding ocean aquaculture in Hawaii ($99,960)

66: Raising railroad tracks 18 inches in Oregon because the residents of one small town were tired of taking a detour around them ($4.2 million)

65: Professors and employees of Iowa state universities voluntarily taking early retirement ($43 million)

64: Minnesota theatre named after Che Guevara putting on “socially conscious” puppet shows ($25,000)

63: Replacing a basketball court lighting system with a more energy efficient one in Arizona ($20,000)

62: Repainting and adding a security camera to one bridge in Oregon ($3.5 million)

61: Missouri bridge project that already was full-funded with state money ($8 million)

60: New hospital parking garage in New York that will employ less people ($19.5 million)

59: University in North Carolina studying why adults with ADHD smoke more ($400,000)

58: Low-income housing residents in one Minnesota city receiving free laptops, WiFi and iPod Touches to “educate” them in technology ($5 million)

57: University in California sending students to Africa to study why Africans vote they the way they do in their elections ($200,000)

56: Researching the impact of air pollution combined with a high-fat diet on obesity development in Ohio ($225,000)

55: Studying how male and female birds care for their offspring and how it compares to how humans care for their children in Oklahoma ($90,000)

54: University in Pennsylvania researching fossils in Argentina (over $1 million)

53: University in Tennessee studying how black holes form (over $1 million)

52: University in Oklahoma sending 3 researchers to Alaska to study grandparents and how they pass on knowledge to younger generations ($1.5 million)

51: Grant application from a Pennsylvania university for a researcher named in the Climate-gate scandal (Rep. Darrell Issa is calling on the president to freeze the grant) ($500,000)

50: Studying the impact of global warming on wildflowers in a Colorado ghost town ($500,000)

49: Bridge built over railroad crossing so 168 Nebraska town residents don’t have to wait for the trains to pass ($7 million)

48: Renovating an old hotel into a visitors center in Kentucky ($300,000)

47: Removing overgrown weeds in a Rhode Island park ($250,000)

46: Renovating 5 seldom-used ports of entry on the U.S.-Canada border in Montana ($77 million)

45: Testing how to control private home appliances in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts from an off-site computer ($800,000)

44: Repainting a rarely-used bridge in North Carolina ($3.1 million)

43: Renovating a desolate Wisconsin bridge that averages 10 cars a day ($426,000)

42: 4 new buses for New Hampshire ($2 million)

41: Repaving a 1-mile stretch of Atlanta road that had parts of it already repaved in 2007 ($490,000)

40: Florida beauty school tuition ($2.3 million)

39: Extending a bike path to the Minnesota Twins stadium ($500,000)

38: Beautification of Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard ($1.1 million)

37: Colorado Dragon Boat Festival ($10,000)

36: Developing the next generation of supersonic corporate jets in Maryland that could cost $80 million dollars each ($4.7 million)

35: New spring training facilities for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies ($30 million)

34: Demolishing 35 old laboratories in New Mexico ($212 million)

33: Putting free WiFi, Internet kiosks and interactive history lessons in 2 Texas rest stops ($13.8 million)

32: Replacing a single boat motor on a government boat in D.C. ($10,500)

31: Developing the next generation of football gloves in Pennsylvania ($150,000)

30: Pedestrian bridge to nowhere in West Virginia ($80,000)

29: Replacing all signage on 5 miles of road in Rhode Island ($4,403,205)

28: Installing a geothermal energy system to heat the “incredible shrinking mall” in Tennessee ($5 million)

27: University in Minnesota studying how to get the homeless to stop smoking ($230,000)

26: Large woody habitat rehabilitation project in Wisconsin ($16,800)

25: Replacing escalators in the parking garage of one D.C. metro station ($4.3 million)

24: Building an airstrip in a community most Alaskans have never even heard of ($14,707,949)

23: Bike and pedestrian paths connecting Camden, N.J. to Philadelphia, Penn. when there’s already a bridge that connects them ($23 million)

22: Sending 10 university undergrads each year from North Carolina to Costa Rica to study the rainforests ($564,000)

21: Road signs touting stimulus funds at work in Ohio ($1 million)

20: Researching how paying attention improves performance of difficult tasks in Connecticut ($850,000)

19: Kentucky Transportation Department awarding contracts to companies associated with a road contractor accused of bribing the previous state transportation secretary ($24 million)

18: Amtrak losing $32 per passenger nationally but rewarded with windfall ($1.3 billion)

17: Widening an Arizona interstate even though the company that won the contract has a history of tax fraud and pollution ($21.8 million)

16: Replace existing dumbwaiters in New York ($351,807)

15: Deer underpass in Wyoming ($1,239,693)

14: Arizona universities examining the division of labor in ant colonies (combined $950,000)

13: Fire station without firefighters in Nevada ($2 million)

12: “Clown” theatrical production in Pennsylvania ($25,000)

11: Maryland town gets money but doesn’t know what to do with it ($25,000)

10: Investing in nation-wide wind power (but majority of money has gone to foreign companies) ($2 billion)

9: Resurfacing a tennis court in Montana ($50,000)

8: University in Indiana studying why young men do not like to wear condoms ($221,355)

7: Funds for Massachusetts roadway construction to companies that have defrauded taxpayers, polluted the environment and have paid tens of thousands of dollars in fines for violating workplace safety laws (millions)

6: Sending 11 students and 4 teachers from an Arkansas university to the U.N. climate change convention in Copenhagen, using almost 54,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from air travel alone ($50,000)

5: Storytelling festival in Utah ($15,000)

4: Door mats to the Department of the Army in Texas ($14,675)

3: University in New York researching young adults who drink malt liquor and smoke pot ($389,357)

2: Solar panels for climbing gym in Colorado ($157,800)

1: Grant for one Massachusetts university for “robobees” (miniature flying robot bees) ($2 million)

Grand Total: $4,891,645,229

Where Are Our Local Leaders?

State budget cuts hit us locally very hard.  Decatur County is facing a drop in state funds of at least $500,000.  This, of course, is in addition to the drop in sales tax revenue which hits both the city and county government.  Bainbridge College is facing a $1.5 million cut eliminating jobs and educational programs.

Now, only days after saying they thought our revenue collections would be flat, the Governor reports on Monday that net revenue collections for the month of February 2010 decreased 9.9% over last year. (ytd 12.7%)

There is no confusion that the problem is our economy with 7 million jobs lost over the last couple of years.  There is no quick fix to the great recession, budget shortfalls and 20% unemployment (in reality).

There is no debate that business creating jobs is the solution. Is a $500 credit for new hires fixing anything? No, but it looks like the politicians are doing something.

Businesses can not expand and hire if they have no idea of future costs.  As Congress “debates” (read bribe and strong arm) how they will overcome over 70% of the US citizens that want the Health Care bill scraped, business sits on the sideline waiting.

As “green jobs” and a “green transformation” is discussed (read a huge increase in the cost of energy), business sits on the side.  As new taxes on business are discussed, business sits on the sideline.

I would suggest that our “jobless recovery” can not become a real recovery until the federal government gets out of the way.  Since we know they will not do what is best, to adjourn for the year, they need to be convinced to stop the madness.

Cal Thomas writes
The president would achieve real success by cutting taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations and liberating the free enterprise system to do what it does best: create products and services people will buy so that companies will hire people.

That has always been the formula that has produced a strong American economy. Government produces little that people want to buy. Government mostly takes from those who produce. Government can spread wealth, as this president is attempting to do — but it can’t create wealth. So by spreading wealth rather than allowing wealth to be created, the result is less wealth to spread.

The economic power of America is in Americans, not in government.

We can achieve true Health Care Reform, but we all know this present bill is not going to achieve reform.

Who can stop the madness?
Well, people’s outrage has them almost stopped, but bribes and strong armed tactics may ultimately win out and destroy our economy for the next 10 years.

I believe it is time for our local leaders to step up and, crudely stated, grow some.

How many City Councils and County Commissions have passed resolutions against the present Health Care Bill, the one that has put our economy in limbo? I’d guess none.

And where are our local Chambers of Commerce?  They should be leading this charge as an organization.

Contrary to doing what the vast majority of our local leaders know they should do, they just might need something from Congressman Sanford Bishop in the future.  Hello? Either the federal government won’t have any money, or you will be under their thumb anyway.

The old saying is so true, politics is local.  Well I say let’s make it local and demand our local leaders take a stand.

More about the state budget
The decline in revenue is resulting in a FY 2010 budget shortfall of an additional $1.4 billion, for a total FY 2010 budget shortfall of $4.6 billion.  The FY 2012 budget deficit is projected at $1.94 billion.  (According to GBPI)

Georgia’s FY 2011 $18 billion budget breaks down like this, so where do you think the major cuts will come?  Taxes anyone?

General Funds General Funds
and Recovery Act Funds
Education 54.6% 53.1%
Health/Medicare 17.3% 20.1%
Public Safety 9.9% 9.9%
Human Services 2.9% 2.7%
Transportation 4.2% 3.9%
Debt Service 7.0% 6.5%
All Other Govt 4.1% 3.8%

Contact information for Congressman Sanford D. Bishop
Washington, D.C. Office, Phone: (202) 225-3631
Albany Office, Phone: (229) 439-8067
Columbus Office, Phone: (706) 320-9477
Thomasville Office, Phone: (229) 226-7789

Decatur County Schools will be out for furlough days this Thursday and Friday, March 11 and 12.

Debt Panel’s 800-lb. Gorilla

By Brian Johnson
A degree in education and urban planning, training in the tactics of “radical activism,” two million drones of workers continuing the free-flowing million dollar stream of union dues, an open criminal review into potential illegal lobbying activities by the U.S. Attorney-these are the qualifications of Andrew Stern, the newest edition to President Obama’s “Debt Panel.”

The bipartisan debt panel is tasked with the goal of cutting the growing federal deficit. The 18-member group consists of economists, major leaders of industry, Republican and Democrat members of Congress, and Mr. Stern, the president of the largest union in the U.S., the Service Employee International Union (SEIU)-who is under criminal review.

In November 2009, the Alliance for Worker Freedom and Americans for Tax Reform requested the acting United States Attorney Channing Phillips investigate Mr. Stern. Specifically to determine whether Mr. Stern was engaged in unregistered lobbying, violating the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), 2 U.S.C. 1601, et seq. Mr. Stern was a registered lobbyist for SEIU through January of 2007 until early campaign speeches by the President indicating his unwillingness to work with registered lobbyists, forced him to terminate his registration. Evidence suggests that Mr. Stern continues to lobby extensively after he terminated his registered status, and in 2009 devoted enough time to lobbying and covered activities by the LDA that he should have re-registered.

According the LDA, a “lobbyist” is someone who spends more than 20 percent of his time in a calendar quarter talking with, writing to, preparing and meeting with two or more “covered” officials in Congress or the White House. In effect, if Mr. Stern spent on average one day per five-day workweek in a calendar quarter, approximately 13 days total, engaged in the aforementioned activities, he is a lobbyist and should register.

During the first calendar quarter of 2009, according to White House logs, Mr. Stern spent 11 days lobbying and over 22 days between Jan. 20-Sept. 15, 2009. During the second quarter, Mr. Stern visited the White House 10 times on 9 different days. Additionally, Mr. Stern has used Twitter to personally announce his lobbying activities.

On June 17, Mr. Stern Tweeted, “Great discussion last 2 days with many Senators…” On May 18 he said, “At Springsteen concert. Lots of fundraisers in box, good free choice meeting with Senators today.” Mr. Stern even announced he was lobbying on June 24 saying, “Lobbying with Mayor Bloomberg on healthcare. Leaving Senator Snowe.” Again on April 29 he admitted he met with Sen. Specter and Secretary Sebelius.

The evidence overwhelmingly suggests Mr. Stern is indeed violating the LDA by continuing to lobby illegally. Failure to register under the LDA is a criminal violation of the Act, which provides for civil penalties of up to $200,000 and up to five years in prison.

While the Secretary of the Senate has confirmed they have closed their file, the U.S. Attorney’s office confirmed they are currently reviewing the matter, as reported by Ed Barnes at FoxNews.com:

Keith Morgan, the assistant U.S. attorney handling the case, blamed the delay on the unique way the complaint came to his office, which handles thousands of lobbyist complaints every year.

“Most of the referrals we get come directly from the House or the Senate,” Morgan said. “This one is rather unique,” he said, referring to the conservative groups’ involvement, “and we are still taking a look at it.” He said there is no time frame for a decision to be made.

When the accusations were first made in November, the SEIU issued a written statement calling them meritless, adding that it was their “final” comment on the matter. Kawana Lloyd, spokeswoman for Stern, did not return calls seeking additional comment this week.

However there is a larger issue here than the LDA and an open criminal review.

Registered lobbyists must disclose financial contributions to candidates and Political Action Committee’s (PACs) Mr. Stern, by purposely not re-registering, does not. Additionally, those registered must also comply with the Congressional “gift ban” which forbids lobbyists from providing “covered” members anything with a monetary value over $20 unless a previous gifting relationship can be proven (marriage, etc). By not registering, Mr. Stern can provide vacations, trips, and gifts of an endless amount without having to publicly disclose.

This is exactly the type of activity President Obama pledged to fight—so why is Mr. Stern there?

This year’s employment data reveals organized labor’s route back to power. Private-sector union membership has reached an all-time low at 7.2 percent, down 834,000 from their 2008 level. With more industries taking note of the hard lesson learned by the American auto industry, it is expected this number will continue to decrease. However the unions’ silver lining lies with the drones of government employees filling our ever-expanding bureaucracy. And, for the first time in history, over 50 percent of all union members now work for the government at some level. With an increased incentive for bigger government, based purely on self-preservation, unions are ramping up their political activism.

Mr. Stern will use this position to push policies that skew the market towards private sector unions in an attempt to revive what is a dying movement.

Transparency and accountability are gone. Whatever hope left that President Obama was going to change things in Washington just got locked out the room—leaving the President and Mr. Stern on the other side of the door.

Brian M. Johnson is Executive Director of the Alliance for Worker Freedom, and the author of the 2009 Index of Worker Freedom.

From The Daily Caller

Andy Stern, Economic Saviour, yea right

Everything you need to know about President Obama’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and cost containment can be summed up in two words: Andy Stern. The profligate, corruption-coddling head of the powerful Service Employees International Union was named to the White House debt commission last week.

If Obama thinks Stern holds the cure for our government spending woes, you can be certain his latest health care prescription will be fiscal hemlock.

Obama extolled Stern and his other federal debt panel appointees as “distinguished individuals” who’ll bring a “sense of integrity” to the job. Tell that to rank-and-file SEIU members across the country who have watched their hard-earned dues go down the tubes under Stern’s thugocracy.

While fat-cat union bosses toss hundreds of millions of dues into Democratic coffers, low-wage SEIU members’ pension funds are eroding and the organization’s debt is piling up. And federal prosecutors are reviewing requests that the union be investigated for potential illegal lobbying activities at the White House.

More damning: As head of the 2.2 million-member labor union, Stern directly installed a cadre of labor management stooges embroiled in financial scandals across the country.

SEIU crony Tyrone Freeman, like Obama, began his career as an urban community organizer. In 1994, Stern plucked Freeman from Georgia and set his loyalist up as head of Local 6434, the sprawling home-care workers’ chapter in southern California that represents an estimated 160,000 workers who make about $9 an hour caring for the elderly and disabled. Stern then named him a national vice president. It was part of Stern’s grander plan to consolidate power by merging locals into statewide chapters.

An extensive investigation by the Los Angeles Times exposed how Stern’s protege siphoned off hundreds of thousands of dollars in dues money for his personal enrichment and pleasure. Moreover, the paper alleged, Stern helped cover up the scandal. Freeman lived large — piping $600,000 in union contracts to his wife’s video production and entertainment ventures. The local also paid his mother-in-law $8,000 a month to babysit his daughter and other union employees’ children; footed a $13,000 bill for membership at a Beverly Hills cigar club; and forked over $8,000 in union dues to cover expenses for Freeman’s Hawaiian wedding.

Stern’s handpicked flunky also created a nonprofit training shop called the “Homecare Workers Training Center” — ostensibly to provide educational opportunities for nurses. In practice, the nonprofit served as a conduit to subsidize a childcare business operated by Freeman’s mother-in-law. Freeman’s local also paid another $106,000 to Hollywood talent agency William Morris for “advice and counsel.”

SEIU’s top officials were warned of Freeman’s plundering six years before the paper blew the whistle. After dragging its feet and being forced to act to quell public embarrassment over the Times investigations, SEIU finally threw Freeman under the bus. He rebounded with a new career as a Los Angeles sports agent.

Rickman Jackson, another Stern administration protege and former chief of staff to Freeman, headed Michigan’s largest SEIU chapter before being “reassigned” for three years to a staff organizing job after the revelation of financial shenanigans tied back to Local 6434. While collecting a six-figure annual salary in Michigan, Jackson was drawing a second salary in California and accepted $33,500 in housing payments on a residence listed as the business address of Freeman’s bogus nonprofit housing corporation.

Another Stern administration protege, Annelle Grajeda, rose to power after Stern installed her as president of the 80,000-member Local 721 in Los Angeles. She ascended to positions on the union’s state council and international executive board. Like Freeman and Jackson, Grajeda had been voted onto Stern’s official administration at the SEIU convention in 2008.

Whistleblowers detailed how Grajeda’s ex-boyfriend, SEIU official Alejandro Stephens, collected multiple salaries and consultant fees from the union while also pocketing a salary as a Los Angeles County health services employee. Grajeda arranged for her ex-lover to get an eight-month leave of absence from the job. He was fired after he refused to return to work.

Grajeda quit her California posts after catching public flak and found a new job — as special assistant to SEIU secretary-treasurer (and Obama stimulus panel appointee) Anna Burger in Washington, D.C. Grajeda now oversees efforts to “partner with the Obama administration” to secure more public funds for SEIU projects involving infrastructure and core public services, including care for the elderly, health care, education and social services.

More recently, San Diego SEIU Local 221 came under fire last month for squandering dues on a cozy $107,000 severance package and consultancy deal for Stern’s former appointee Sharon Frances-Moore.

Freeman, Jackson, Grajeda and Moore were all groomed by Stern and personally appointed by him to the posts they exploited.

Like Obama, Stern has managed to pass the buck while pretending it stopped at his desk. These fiscal responsibility fraudsters now back a massive expansion of government’s role in health care that they promise will rein in costs and root out fraud. Insert laugh track here.

Article by Michele Malkin

Necessary or Intolerable

We Americans have forgotten founder Thomas Paine’s warning that “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”
concludes Walter E. Williams. He goes on to say
Politicians love pitting us against the rich. All by themselves, the rich have absolutely no power over us. To rip us off, they need the might of Congress to rig the economic game. It’s a slick political sleight-of-hand where politicians and their allies amongst the intellectuals, talking heads and the news media get us caught up in the politics of envy as part of their agenda for greater control over our lives.

Who Poses the Greater Threat?

Health Care Summit, yea right

I am sure no one believed that anything would come from the great bipartisan health care summit.

Congressman Paul Ryan describes the Real Dollar Cost of the Democratic Health Care Bill

Vice President Joe Biden on what the American people think. Uh?
“I think it requires a little bit of humility to be able to know what the American people think, and I don’t. I can’t swear I do. I know what I think. I think I know what they think, but I’m not sure what they think,” said Biden.

The President closes with this statement.
“I’ve put on the table now some things that I didn’t come in here saying I supported,” Obama said. “I’d like the Republicans to do a little soul searching and find out, are there some things that you’d be willing to embrace that get to this core problem of 30 million people without health insurance.”

If they “can’t close that gap,” he said, there will be “a lot of arguments about procedures,” indicating that reconciliation would be used to ram his bill through.

The president asked Republicans to see if they could reach a compromise with Democrats ” in a month’s time or a few week’s time or six weeks time.”

“If we can’t then I think we’ve got to go ahead and make some decisions, and that’s what elections are for.”

Who is Rashad Hussain? w/ Video

Cal Thomas writes
President Obama’s appointment of Rashad Hussain, his deputy associate counsel, as special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations, charged with safeguarding and protecting “the interests of the Muslim world,” should be of serious concern to Congress and the American public. Especially since Hussain, a devout Muslim, has a history of participating in events connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Chicago Tribune, “the world’s most influential Islamic fundamentalist group” whose goal is to create Muslim states throughout the world.

In 1991, a memo written by Mohamed Akram for the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood spelled out the objective of the organization. Akram said the Muslim Brotherhood “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” I am unable to find any “revelation” that has repealed that objective. Quite the contrary. Terrorists seem on track for implementing it.

The Washington Post reports
Obama made the announcement in a video conference to the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar. In his message, Obama called Hussain “an accomplished lawyer and a close and trusted member of my White House staff,” who would strengthen his policy of outreach to the world’s Muslims.

Robert Spencer writes
Someone is covering up for Rashad Hussain. But who?
And what did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it?

Rashad Hussain is the Obama administration’s newly appointed special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the thuggish international organization that is engaged in a full-scale campaign to intimidate Western governments into adopting hate speech codes that will effectively quash criticism of Islam – including jihad violence perpetrated in its name. Rashad Hussain is an apposite choice for this position, since several years ago he defended a notorious U.S.-based leader of a jihad terrorist group.

J.C. Arenas writes
Questions are rightfully being raised as to how a terrorist sympathizer has risen to such a position within the president’s administration.

A quick look into Hussain reveals that he has the background of a typical Obama administration official: Ivy League education, career in public service, and an added bonus, a connection to the Soros family.

In 2003, Hussain was named a Fellow to the Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation. Paul Soros is the elder brother of George Soros, the anti-capitalist billionaire who drives the Democrat Party–and an early supporter of Barack Obama.

Surprised at this revelation? I’m not.

We must understand that the president and his radical minions didn’t randomly meet each other while using public transportation. They are all members of an increasing network of radical individuals whom share a common belief system and they’re working together for a common purpose; to fundamentally change America.

If you find one radical, you will find a connection to another.

Any review of the implementation of Sharia law anywhere in the world (or of Sharia itself) shows it to be brutal, cruel, misogynistic, anti-homosexual, anti-free speech, supremacist, anti-democratic, and anti-freedom of religion among its many unpleasant qualities. Even in Afghanistan as late as 2006, a Muslim Afghan convert to Christianity was sentenced to death for leaving Islam. Only American outrage prevented the implementation of the Sharia death penalty.

This on Sharia law
To conclude, it should be clear with but a cursory analysis, because Shariah calls for the destruction of our constitutional republic and for our conversion, subjugation, or murder it is criminal. There simply is no basis to suggest that either Judaism or Christianity, or in fact any other well-known religious dogma or doctrine, falls within the statutory coverage of our extant laws criminalizing sedition.

Should we Reduce Federal Holidays?

If one looks around on several federal holidays, it appears that the vast majority of Americans are at work while the Federal Government takes off, in particular on Washington’s Birthday and Columbus Day.

We see wages for federal employees climbing while most Americans are struggling to make ends meet, except for the 17% or so that would like to have a full time job and can not find one.

According to USA Today
The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession.

Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession’s first 18 months — and that’s before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.

The growth in six-figure salaries has pushed the average federal worker’s pay to $71,206, compared with $40,331 in the private sector.

In addition, the number of federal government employees is climbing each month as the government continues to grow now approaching 3 million employees, whom we pay their salary.

In January, the federal government added 33,000 jobs, including 9,000 temporary positions for Census 2010. Because state and local government must be responsible and balance their budget, employment in state and local governments, excluding education, continue to trend down.

Number of Government Employees
January 2010 January 2009
Federal Govt 2,840,000 2,772,000
State Govt 5,064,000 5,116,000
Local Govt 14,438,000 14,583,000
Total for US 22,342,000 22,471,000

With the Federal deficit the highest it has ever been, and no hope in sight for reducing it, do you think the 10 federal holidays should be reduced to 8?

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