Stossel on Crony Capitalism, video

Part 1 of 6, January 14, 2010
Many window-making companies struggle because of the recession’s effect on home building. But one little window company, Serious Materials, is “booming,” says Fortune. “On a roll,” according to Inc. magazine, which put Serious’ CEO on its cover, with a story titled: “How to Build a Great Company”.

The Minnesota Freedom Foundation tells me that this same little window company also gets serious attention from the most visible people in America.
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Harry Knox, Faith Based Advisory Council

This man should be fired from Obama’s Faith Based Advisory commission. Harry Knox expresses a open vocal opposition to Catholics, the Pope, Catholic organizations (including the Knights of Columbus), the Catholic faith and the faith of several other Christian groups. He is an open political bigot promoting an aggressive gay rights agenda attacking religious groups seeking a change in their faith to accept gays, transgendered and females as priests and religious leaders in-spite of their faith or moral judgements.

Chicago’s Real Crime Story

by Heather Mac Donald

Why decades of community organizing haven’t stemmed the city’s youth violence

Barack Obama has exploited his youthful stint as a Chicago community organizer at every stage of his political career. As someone who had worked for grassroots “change,” he said, he was a different kind of politician, one who could translate people’s hopes into reality. The media lapped up this conceit, presenting Obama’s organizing experience as a meaningful qualification for the Oval Office.

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US Military Base Not an Option for KSM Trial

by Charles D. “Cully” Stimson
Facilities Required Do Not Exist
To begin with, the terrorist trials will depend on highly classified information, and the intelligence community will insist–rightfully so–on appropriate security measures to protect its agents, sources, and methods.

There simply is no military courtroom in the United States that is even remotely acceptable for such a terrorist trial. I know, because I chaired the committee charged with upgrading and building the military commission’s compound at Guantanamo back in 2006-2007. The state-of-the-art facilities that were eventually built at Guantanamo are in place, ready, and waiting–but just not wanted.

Nonetheless, the Joint Staff at the Pentagon is poring over base maps, calling installation commanders, and following every lead that turns up. It is all a waste of time, however: No such place on U.S. soil currently fits the bill.

Charles D. “Cully” Stimson is a Senior Legal Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, a military trial judge in the Navy JAG Reserves, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs (2006-2007).

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Family Budget Advice from Obama?

Dan Kennedy writes
In lecturing us about blowing our money, The Great Ozbama displays breathtaking gall. Given that he is blowing trillions of our money, not his, and burying us in debt as no president in history, silence on the subject would seem more reasonable.

To be nit-picky about it, since he is citing trips to Vegas as particularly objectionable, I hold in my casino chip-calloused fingers a list procured from of Mrs. Obama’s staff and their salaries. She reportedly has a staff of 22 assistants. Yes, I said twenty-two. (Previous First Ladies’ dedicated staffs were in the single digits).
Michelle’s little army includes a Chief of Staff costing $172,000 a year; a Deputy Chief of Staff at $90,000;
a Director of Policy and Projects at $140,000;
a Director of Communications at $102,000;
a Deputy Director of Scheduling at $62,000;
two Social Secretaries – mysteriously, one at $65,000, one at $64,000;
an Associate Director of Correspondence at $45,000,
an Assistant to the Social Secretary at $36,000, and more,
in total consuming $6.3-million annually thus $25-million during her 4-year term. Not to mention a make-up artist and hair stylist.

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The Washington, D.C. Disconnect

The disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country has never been greater. Why can’t the political class in D.C. produce a fiscal product that voters, taxpayers, and investors are willing to consume?

According to the Washington Post, voters want smaller government and fewer government services by a large 58 to 38 percent margin.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen reveals that 61 percent of voters believe tax cuts help the economy, that 59 percent think tax cuts are a better job-creation tool than increased government spending, and that another 59 percent believe higher deficits hurt the economy. Rasmussen also reports that a full 83 percent of Americans blame the deficit on the unwillingness of politicians to cut government spending. And get this: In a whopper of a poll result, the New York Times reports that 75 percent of Americans dislike Congress.

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Promises, Promises: Jobs bill short on making jobs

There’s a problem with the bipartisan jobs bill emerging in the Senate: It won’t create many jobs.

The bill includes tax cuts to please Republicans and its passage would hand President Barack Obama a badly needed political victory. But even the Obama administration acknowledges the legislation’s centerpiece _ a tax cut for businesses that hire unemployed workers _ would work only on the margins.

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Security Risk: Eric Holder’s Latest Folly

How much time, do you suppose, has Eric Holder spent as attorney general of the United States explaining that he meant no harm by all the harm he’s done?

His not very acceptable explanations began even before he was confirmed as attorney general. That’s when he was quizzed about his role in approving a pardon for Marc Rich, international fugitive and big giver to various political causes.

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